We’re witnessing one of the greatest periods of change since the invention of TV. With Video on Demand (VOD), new electronic programme guides (EPGs) and the launch of ‘3 Screen’ strategies it’s becoming a strategic imperative to keep up to date with what your competitors are doing.

Decipher Publishing provides ongoing monitoring of VOD scheduling trends as well as day-to-day monitoring of platform EPGs. Whether you want to know what content your competitors are supplying to the VOD market or how this content is being ‘retailed’ within EPGs, Decipher Publishing’s VOD Content Monitor can supply this intelligence. So if you want to know what your competitors are up to, take a look at our monitoring products below.


Free Online Tools

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Decipher Bulletin

A bi-monthly review of key issues around emerging ad formats and systems where we pick apart the stories that interest us from the main media trade press.

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VOD Audit

Decipher Publication’s VOD Content Monitor is a comprehensive supply-side audit of video on demand content. 90,000 hours of content has been captured over the course of 3 years revealing the different approaches to on demand scheduling taken at a platform, channel and episodic level.

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