At the end of July Decipher release the key findings from the third quarter output of their FutureMedia 2014 programme – a quarterly, high-level review of the UK’s changing TV landscape. Our work from last year’s FutureMedia showed clearly that the connected STBs are currently successfully fighting off the threat from Smart TVs and, were set to dominate the home media market for the foreseeable future.  This year's Q3 work goes further and looks at the role of TV and video advertising in the emerging networked, connected or 'smart' home.


FutureMedia 2014 is Decipher’s quarterly review of the key evolutionary trends, technology innovations, and commercial events affecting the digital media industry in UK and Europe. FutureMedia 2014 is a quarterly opportunity to step back from the urgent, and address the important issues created by consumer media tech change. It is a ‘non-tech’ analysis of the impact of technology on consumer media markets.




Quarter 1 - CES Follow On 'TV & The Smart Device' - Jan 2014

Quarter 1 of FutureMedia 2014 looked at the 2014 crop of Smart TVs and examined their role in the landscape of smart devices that is coming to dominate consumer services. Read More...



Quarter 2 - 'Building the Connected Home' - March 2014

Quarter 2 of FutureMedia 2014 focuses upon the TV industry's role in the emerging connected or 'smart' home.  It looks at whether TV can dominate this first wave of the SMart home revolution. Read More...





Quarter 3 - 'The Future of TV Advertising' - August 2014

Quarter 3 of FutureMedia 2014 focuses the convergence of web ad-tech industries and those of mainstream TV advertising.  We examine the technical routes to convergence of the new industries. Read More...




Quarter 4 - '4K and the New Broadcast Paradigm'- October 2014

Quarter 4 of FutureMedia 2014 revisits the second screen debate analysing the landscape and potential for future development. Read More...