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Decipher consultants regularly contribute to the media and research trade press, and appear on a variety of TV and radio programmes covering media change: 


Latest Media Coverage

Tuning in to Netflix
June 16, 2014
DAVE BRENNAN - The plethora of over-the-top on-demand TV businesses has been talked up as a threat to 'traditional' TV since the early 1990s, ...more
Netflix Faces Hurdles, Country by Country, in Bid to Expand in Europe
by Hamish McPharlin (Dr.), May 22, 2014
Netflix, whose digital distribution of movies and TV shows has made it a media force in the United States, now has wide eyes for ...more
Decipher appoints Stacey Sterzel as new head of quant
April 24, 2014
UK — Media research company Decipher has appointed Stacey Sterzel as its new head of quantitative research.
Tivo boosts Netflix UK subscribers
April 17, 2014
The number of Netflix subscribers has grown to 14% of the UK’s online population - bolstered by the launch of the service on Virgin ...more
Amazon drops subscribers after Lovefilm re-brand while Netflix surges ahead
April 16, 2014
Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service, previously Lovefilm Instant, has dropped subscribers in the last six months from eight per cent of UK online users ...more