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Decipher consultants regularly contribute to the media and research trade press, and appear on a variety of TV and radio programmes covering media change: 


Latest Media Coverage

Customer service and experience matches content and cost as new TV differentiators, Decipher and Paywizard focus groups find
April 7, 2016
ITV Media Reports on Millennial TV Viewing
January 12, 2016
Nigel Walley Comments on the Loss of the BBC Red Button
November 19, 2015
DTG Reports on Mediabug Wave 7
November 6, 2015
Advanced Television Reports on Mediabug Wave 7
by Nigel Walley, November 5, 2015
Mediatel Reports on Mediabug Wave 7
November 5, 2015
Research Live Reports on Mediabug Wave 7
November 5, 2015
Sunday Times Ireland Quotes Nigel Walley on
October 26, 2015
MD Nigel Walley Debates at New Video Frontiers Event in London
October 22, 2015
Decipher MD to speak at RTS event hosted at iBurbia
October 19, 2015
RTS Cambridge Follow Up
October 9, 2015
ASI interview with Nigel Walley
September 28, 2015
ASI interview with Nigel Walley
IBC 2015 - Multi Network solutions in the Real World Forum
September 25, 2015
Managing Director of Decipher Media Consultants chairs "Mulitnetwork solutions in the Real World Forum" at IBC 2015. Industry experts discussed innovative service launches that ...more
Broadcasters raise concerns over EE TV
September 22, 2015
ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 have raised major concerns about an innovative catch-up tool on fledgling television service EE TV.
BBC is blocking path to innovation
September 16, 2015
Nigel Walley, managing director of TV consultancy Decipher asks whatever happened to the BBC’s promise to deliver its channels wherever and whenever?
Over 35s driving subscription VOD, Mediabug finds
May 20, 2015
Figures from Decipher’s bi-annual media consumption report Mediabug have shown how growth in usage of subscription VoD services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has ...more