Decipher's 'New TV Advertising'  is an Exec Education session aimed at TV advertisers, media and creative agencies, brand marketers and channel/programme marketers from broadcasters
Part of Decipher's 'Antenna' Workshop programme, the session is delivered at iBurbia Studios in both Media City and London, where a full range of live TV systems and devices are used to demonstrate the current state of play in TV advertising across all devices and services. 
Using these devices the sessions looks at the new advertising formats, data, 2nd screen opportunities, addressability and web convergence in the new TV landscape.

The session includes an independent review of newly emerging systems like Sky's AdSMart and Virgin’s VOD targeting as well as looking at the ad programmes appearing on Smart TVs and games platforms such as Xbox.

As part of this session we look at Decipher's work forecasting the next stage of evolution in TV advertising, and examine the issues raised by the increasing convergence of TV with web marketing techniquesi.  Within the session we look at likelihood of web concepts such as programmatic buying, RTB and auctions to merge with mainstream TV advertising.


Key Points About The Sesssion:

  • Sessions are delivered as a  joint venture between Decipher experts and iBurbia

  • A combination of hands-on experiences and structured educational insight

  • Uses iBurbia's live systems to demonstrate the evolution of TV advertising

  • Insight and analysis based on Decipher's review of market changes


Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone working in TV or digital advertising
  • TV planners and buyers in media and creative agencies
  • Video planners and buyers from digital agencies
  • Brand marketers from internal client teams
  • Channel and/or programme marketers from broadcast channels and platform marketing teams.


Who Delivers The Workshop

The 'New TV Advertising' workshop is delivered by Decipher MD Nigel Walley who has 15 years experience working in TV advertising and technology innovation.  Anyone working in TV or digital advertising.  He heads up Decipher's work in convergence ad models and is a regular speaker on the subject at conferences and in the media.



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